[Part 1] Favorite Spectrum Noir Combos: blues, violets, pinks & reds

mercredi 6 mars 2019

Hey there,

Today I'm sharing with you my first favorite spectrum noir combos post. This is the first part, there will be a second and a third that I will share on the two next Wednesdays.

I've built my collection through the years, and received the last markers at Christmas so now my chart is complete but I'm not a spectrum noir marker expert and I won't pretend to be all-knowing.

It's just that I've been using them for a few years now, and I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite combinaisons.

I stamped starfishes on Neenah solar white cardstock using memento tuxedo black ink.

I like to keep my coloring simple because I tend to create busy cards with a lot of images so I don't want to spend hours on it, even though i really enjoy the coloring process.

When I use two colors, I like to cover the whole image using the light marker. Next I use the dark marker to make shadows. Then I use the light marker to blend both colors. Usually I do this process twice to get a deeper result. And finally I always add more shadows using the dark marker only.

I occasionally use three colors, and when I do, I cover the whole image using the light marker. Next I use the medium marker to make shadows, and the dark marker for more depth. I use the medium marker again to blend the dark color, and then the light marker to blend the medium color into the light. I do this process twice and finally I add more shadows using the dark marker only.

Feel welcome to write the combos or to make screen shots of my starfishes! Next Wednesday I will share my favorite green, grey and skin combos.

- Denims: TB4+TB9 ; TB8+TB9 ; TB3+TB4+TB5 ; TB2+TB3 ; VB2+VB3 ; VB2+TB8
- Aquas: BT4+BT6 ; AB1+AB3 ; AB3+BT5 ; BT3+AB1
- Pinks: PP3+CR4 ; FS6+CR4 ; CR4+MG4 ; PV2+MG5
- Reds: CR7+CR8 ; CR9+DR3 ; CR7+CR8+DR3 ; CR10+CR8
- Violets: DP1+DP3 ; AP4+DP4 ; HB1+LV3 ; HB3+PL4

Below or here

- Spectrum Noir markers
- Neenah solar white cardstock
- Memento tuxedo black ink
- So jelly stamp set by Lawn Fawn

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  1. Hello,
    Where do you buy individual markers from?

  2. Wow Marine, a new fantastic series. Many thanks for sharing your Color Combinations.Love your french accent.♥

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